Hate to admit it, but I have the AF issue. Going to make a case with Nikon. Any advice?

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Re: Didn't you say you know how to test focus?

Fayard wrote:

I have nothing against the method given by Nikon Europe which is perfectly fine. I am not the one you keeps trashing others people method.

I just find funny that anymore using this method would be trashed by Leonard because Leonard would claim that the target is wrong.

Focused on the book (The "FL") with the left AF sensor. It is a nice backfocus, the same as the one above.

I am on record as saying Nikon do not clarify sufficiently well that the part of the book focussed on needs to contain good readable detail.

The FL letters are good for a cross detector because part of the F (in the horizontal direction) is wider than the L - so not symmetrical and a reasonable AF target.

The vertical part of the L and F contain no readable detail for a vertical detector.

If you check out the outer AF pints apart from the 3 extreme left and the 3 extreme right they each detects a broad vertical band centre, right and left of the centre of the AF mark.

The 3 far outer right detect in a narrower band centre and to the left, which might well AF OK on the horizontal part of the F.

The 3 far outer left read centre and to the right and might miss the horizontal part of the AF - not detecting the target good when the far right did.

If you rotate the target (turning the book 180 degrees on a copy stand) you should find far left AF good and far right AF poor. Maybe you missed my earlier posts on this detail.

I did with my D3s and D800 when I checked this way. I cannot recheck the D3s as it has just been sold.

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