Canon G15 Beats Sony RX100 in Picture Quality

Started Nov 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
Dimitri Khoz Contributing Member • Posts: 943
Re: Need Better IQ on High ISO Re: Hello Dimitri,,,

utomo99 wrote:

I think Canon need to improve the High ISO IQ.

On Low ISO the image is good enough, but on ISO 3200 many people say not good enough.

I hope canon try to fix this

Do you mean G15 or G1X?

G15 is completely usable up to ISO800-1600. 1/1.7' sensor will not perform well at ISO3200. It is a law of physics. This is why it is equipped with the super-bright lens to compensate for it.

G1X is completely usable up to ISO4000-8000. There is no need for High ISO IQ improvements.

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