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Re: what are the reasons to use JPEG?

tko wrote:

I assume that since this a photography forum, you'd like decent photos and so go through some minimum editing process, starting with finding your best photos of the day.

Hard to get crop and level perfect, so you probably want to adjust that. WB, except in the most benign of conditions (outdoors in sunshine) is probably off a little. May want a little fill in many outdoor photos, some noise reduction for those difficult indoor shots, recover the highlights in high contrast outdoor scenes. Maybe add some vignetting for portraits, remove some for landscape. Add some sharpening, the amount depending on what you're going to do with the photo.

These are minimum, basic processing steps you should do for any photo you show to the world. Yet I find all these simple steps are easily and faster in my (ACR) RAW converting program. The tools, work flow, and results are simpler and better. For example, adjusting WB in Adobe RAW (to me) is easier than in Photoshop itself.

Once more, once you get the basic setting right for one photo, you can apply them to a batch of photos all at once, saving more time.

Plus (and it's a big plus), there are now many settings on my camera I don't have to worry about, speeding up my photographer further. WB, sharpness, contrast, color - no need. I never worry about the "look" of my camera's native about, no whining about skin tones or the Oly or Canon or Nikon colors or which JPEG engine is better. Just shoot and have fun.

I do this for B-day snapshots, fun photos, hikes, whatever. Always want to present my best work.

So, for me using RAW is a time saver, very important in my busy life.

Yup, but more importantly, you are not throwing away the extra 4 or 6 bits (12 or 14 bits) of data while shooting raw.  As far as I am concerned, that is the most important aspect of shooting raw, as well as maximizing the amount of control you want on your photography.  For those reasons, I found raw simply priceless to use.

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