FEMA closed due to weather.

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Re: FEMA closed due to weather (not that our President gives a $#!+).

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YoHahnMD wrote:

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lylejk wrote:

Personally I say fire Jan Napolitano now, but that's my anger coming out. What total garbage this group is in my eyes right now; total unadulterated garbage. Someone better be fired. What part of emergency do these pompous jerks don't understand? Worthless trash.


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If real disaster response was their field of expertise this would not happen, right ?

Why don't you ask their commander-in-chief?

Maybe we should be positive about this but how can we find them any excuses ?

They wouldn't have gone off on a seminar or so ? One of those that's expensive to cancel ?

Well . . . you did notice that NoBamma (FEMA's real commander-in-chief) was there two days before the election, promising the world.

Of course, now that it helped him get the votes he needed, you sure don't see him making sure the victims of Sandy are getting the help he promised . . . do you?

Typical NoBamma style.

Of course . . . let the excuses begin!

It would be more interesting to find out why in the world these people ran off the job. When you look at the functioning of government agencies, the devil is in the details. . .

Where does their job start, where does it finish ?

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