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Re: Pro Photo, maybe not.

My keyboard only has uppercase sans serif characters, but that doesn't stop me from using lowercase, serif, bold, and italic. My screen is not particularly adept at showing the finer points of fonts, but that doesn't stop me from using them. My screen hardly shows a difference between the original 1957 Helvetica and the redesigned 1983 Helvetica Neue, but the differences are there in print. My screen can only approximate the light, ultra light, thin, condensed, expanded, or the 51 different font weights. For critical work, nothing beats a hard proof.

In painting, not just fine art painting, the paint dries to show a slightly different color than when wet. Inks do this too, but to a lesser extent. There are lots of examples of where tools aren't capable of revealing the scope of a work until the end. Experience is critical. I really can't go along with the idea of letting the monitor be a limiting factor.

Wide gamut working spaces have their known problems. Some of the triplets in ProPhotoRGB aren't reproducible as colors. Posterization, especially in large blue areas when using 8 bit processing, can occur during certain editing techniques.

In most cases it is a moot question. The only times I found initial compression to Adobe or sRGB to be a problem is with art repro. In most cases it doesn't matter what the original scene was like, as long as the print has the aesthetics to sell. (If you use Lightroom for most of your processing, then it is definitely a moot question.)

Brian A

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