D600/D800 Firmware Update Coming

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Re: D600/D800 Firmware Update Coming

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PK24X36NOW wrote:

PLEASE fix "Matrix" metering so that it doesn't emphasize what's under the focus point! If I'm concerned about the meter reading of the focus point, there's SPOT metering for that. This "feature" defeats the whole purpose of "Matrix" metering, which is to consider exposure of the entire frame.

It doesn't read only off the focus point, it puts a slight weighting to what is UNDER the focus point, because that is what you're focusing on, and still meters the entire frame. Some people love it, some people don't. If they change it, the other 50% will be unhappy, they can't really win that one. The idea is that generally you want the most accurate metering on what you're focusing on, but it still takes the entire scene into account. Spot metering is still spot, and center weighted is still center weighted. Think of it as an extremely light/weak version of center weighted average where the "center" becomes wherever your focus point is. It's not nearly as strong as actual center weighted metering. I personally love it, and the D600 has the most accurate meter of any camera I've ever used based on my experience so far. I haven't made an exposure adjustment in over 400 photos in post processing.

I think they can really win that one - they can make howthe Matrix metering operates (i.e., emphasizing the focus point vs. not) a menu choice. Choose your preference, set it and foget it. Then everyone would be happy!

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