5D II Focusing Screen for Low Light and f4 - Any Ideas?

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Re: 5D II Focusing Screen for Low Light and f4 - Any Ideas?

yovwmon wrote:

Friends -
I moved from the 7D to the 5D II a few months ago and the only thing I am struggling with is focusing in low light. I don't mind using manual focus but the current (stock) focusing screen is not cut out for the job in low light. I've been eyeing the Super Precision Matte Focusing Screen but have read in many reviews that f4 and below are dark. My question to you is 'what focusing screen should I be looking at?'
My primary requirements are it must work well at f4 and higher and it must work well in low light.
Thanks All

Get the ST-E2 (or whatever the modern equivalent is) or if you don't use need this that much just use a flash with an AF assist light but turn the flash off. This will fix the AF issues..  W/ an f4 lens unless you are at H1/H2 your shutter speeds are going to be at the edge of usable though..

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