Another thread inquiring about books for the OM-D. David Busch, what's the latest update?

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Re: Thanks; I see it there now, too. Unfortunately I must get the Kindle edition (or iTunes). (nt)

Corkcampbell wrote:

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It should be available from Apple on iTunes some time in December, and for Nook readers at the same time. Right now, Amazon has declined to offer the Kindle version offered to them. Amazon's contract with my publisher has expired, and Amazon have declined to renew it, and have pulled all Kindle versions of all books from my publisher. This will spread to some other publishers as their contracts eventually expire, too. Amazon is looking to take the lion's share of profits from all the ebooks they sell. The larger publishers, who may sell hundreds of thousands of copies of a mass market book don't feel the pinch, but the typical camera guide sells only a fraction of that, so publishers are resisting caving in to what amounts to a "distributor."


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