2012 Mac mini Fusion Drive or SSD

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Re: 2012 Mac mini Fusion Drive or SSD

Jeff Charles wrote:

Stu 5 wrote:

You might already know about this website but if not it is well worth checking out as it is talking about using a FD or SSD from a photography point of view:


The post made on Thursday is a very interesting read. Have to say no real surprise on what he discovered. The title of the post is:

"Update on Apple 'Fusion': Writes are Fast, No Smart Migration"

This is a great post. Worth reading. It confirmed my hunch that separate SSD and HD volumes will perform better.

I am at the point of purchasing a new computer for actors headshot and theatre production photography. For me the FD option would be a waste of time as I need files I am working on 'now' on the SSD straight away to benefit from the speed difference rather than much later when a FD system decides I am using the files a lot... probably at the point when I have just finished work on them anyway.

Unless you are working with really big files, it is not clear that storing the photos on the SSD will help much, at least when using Lightroom. There's a good paper on the subject here. It's conclusion is that, while an SSD will help with navigation and searching, the CPU determines the speed of develop module loading, preview rendering, and exporting.

The paper also shows that storing photos on an external FW 800 drive vs. the SSD makes little difference. Note that the Mac Performance Guide post also concludes that "The HDD can be used for storage of bulky items. Large image RAW files can reside on HDD, as can music, videos, etc. Music and videos have very low data rates, and RAW image files (e.g. for Lightroom) are not a significant speed factor either."

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Yes read that before and as you said it is a good read. Just depends how much navigation and searching you need to do and that depends on the individual person a lot and what they photograph.

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