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Re: Composition question

SonyForNow wrote:

I think it's an interesting photo initially, but after a while there is no central subject per se. Nothing really stands out.

The stair and walls near the center seem to be pushed up from underneath, giving a 3 dimensional aspect to it. The triangle shadow lines in the upper left add to that feeling.

The viewpoint is tilted or diagonal (not too much though) - compared to the shadow lines on the floor going to the columns at the top of the picture. I don't think the 3D aspect would have been as noticeable if parallel to the edges of the frame.

It surprises me when I take a picture and expect ordinary, but viewing later shows something I didn't see. Well done.

Wow. A humble thank you to you. You're right, the viewpoint is tilted. IIRC, there is a huge dark brown metal frame jutting out on either side and the railing didn't go all the way across (like a suspended walkway) so the viewpoint is diagonal! I am learning so much in this thread!

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