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uhligfd wrote:

So far I am not aware of anybody mentioning the odd exposure combination: f/2, 1/4000 sec and ISO 400.

I wonder why f/2? For background blur maybe, I am thinking, but then everything in the picture is about equally far away, there is really no background to blur. Odd. Now ISO 100 and f/4 would have resulted in around 1/250 sec exposure which would have frozen all the walkers into place, too. What was the purpose for that oddball exposure combination, I wonder.

I must also wonder what this lens could do at f/4 and the sensor at ISO 100. Oh the possibilities to learn beyond snapshooting!

Good luck learning the trade, sir.

Hahaha, great points and thank you for the laugh; the oddball exposure was the result of a combination of things:

1. when I took this photo it was my third day using manual and the NEX5N; I think I was still using the focus assist outline at that point

2. we were moving between dimmer and brighter rooms

3. we hit the Louvre on our last day in Paris and my wife was already at the elevator down the hall

4. I don't remember whether this was stopped at f2 or higher

Obviously, the sum total of that is that at the time, I hadn't really gotten a feel for the ISO/Exp/f-stop relationship yet. See? Happy accident.

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