3 years gone

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Joel Stern
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Re: 3 years gone


The CX range had a 6 months life cycle,the GRD a 2 yrs, lets hope the GXR a 3 years so we finally see something.

I'm about to sell my GXR,i'm just holding on in the hope the release a module for my needs. The Ricoh UI is unique and too apealing for me to swop.

If nothing comes by th eend of the year, i'll sell mine for sure, buy a CX6 to ease the pain a bit and see what others offer.

I was just thinking of putting mine with my last lens, the 50mm on ebay today. I am hoping the FUji XE1, if I decide to keep a camera with primes will come out with a 35mm FL (35mm equivalent) and then with the 60mm (90mm) I will have what I have always wanted.

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