Schneider Tilt shift. Any reviews about or any firsthand experience?

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Re: Schneider Tilt shift. Any reviews about or any firsthand experience?

kb2zuz wrote:

The biggest issue with the Schneiders is the price and the fact that Canon (and Nikon to a slightly lesser extent) make very good tilt-shifts that cost significantly less. Another issue is Schneider makes only 50 and 90mm models. While the 50 and 90 are useful for product work and portrait work, most architectural and landscape photographers prefer 24mm (or even 17mm).

If you shoot Sony, it's an easier decision because you don't have many other options.

Keep in mind any specialty lens like this may work better for some people than others, some people may need these type of lenses to perform well under specific conditions that no one else will use them in. So it's best to actually review it for yourself. If you can rent one for a reasonable price, and that might be a good option.

If you do a lot of demanding product work, it might be worth a look, but I'd also test out the Canon or Nikon equivalents because they might be good enough for $2,000 less.

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High price lenses are less an issue than high priced bodies for me, if they are top quality performers. I've just bought the Canon 24TS and it's superb. I like the idea of a slight tele and a standard lens with TS to add.

I shoot mostly aerials, buildings are getting taller, I'm getting fed up with shooting twisted looking towers. The 24mm worked a treat the other day, I could stick the building towards the edge and end up with an image the architect would not have a panic attack over.

I find it very odd that something exotic like these Schneider TS I have not found anyone that has posted their experience of using them and the results. Especially when you keep on reading the same pointless debates about pixels all over the web.


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