Olympus 14-150 was a mistake!

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Re :quality control

There is a huge difference between the same lenses produced in factory. 1/ My first experience with Sigma 18-200. Very bad at 200mm. Returned the lens to Sigma France requesting they correct it. One of the part inside was changed . Lens was put on a bench and optimized. The lens came back really perfect. Perfectly sharp at 200 fully opened. I could not beleive the improvment. 2/ Canon 24-70 F2.8L. Bad lens with lot of CA. Returned it immediately. Received another copy extreemely good. 3/ Canon 70-200 F4 Lis. Bad CA . returned itimmediately. Received a second copy absolutely perfect. 4/Sigma  UWA 12mm-24mm for full frame. Two bad copies were   returned just after purshase and finally received a third copy I am most happy with 5 / Canon 100 F2 perfect no exchange.
Considering my experience with lenses of Sigma and Canon I started purshasing OM D EM5 with  only one zoom 12-50 and tested it . Very good. Decided to keep it. I am not afraid of long variation zoom because despite the fact that theory indicates that they can not as good  as moderate zooms, you can find excellent zooms going from 14-150mm. Proof is that pro photographer Wells is using one and has published lots of pictures (Getty corbis etc) with this one. He took this  zoom because you can do pictures in dusty environment without changing lenses. There are certainely outstanding lenses 14-150 and the lens discussed in this thread is certainly improvable in factory after manuel dismantling (checking each part) and testing . May be one element is defective inside the lens. I stongly beleive that if you have an excellent copy of 14-150mm you can achieve high quality print with one.

Despite this, I am not doing around the world trip (with dust ) and perferred the 40-150mm because weight is a major  concern for me. Dust is not. I was aware that the metal buillt of the 14-150 is stronger than the all plastic of  the  40-150. I do not know if Olympus is better in quality control that Canon or Sigma but this second  40-150mm(Olympus) lens was perfect and I am keeping it. I feel globally I was lucky with Olympus (We will see with the future 9-18mm !)

Conclusion. Buy were you can exchange with no questions asked. As soon as you receive the lens test it seriously on a tripod . Compare all corners etc. Understand that  in a batch of 10 lens you are going to have 2 good , maybe 2 bad and 6 in between. I think It would be too costly to subtantially improve quality control. The demanding customer can always complain and obtain at the end a better equipment. Stick to the lens you want until you get a good copy.

Hope this helps. Bernard

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