EM-5, Lumix 20/1.7, ISO 3200, VSCO Ilford HP5 preset

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Re: EM-5, Lumix 20/1.7, ISO 3200, VSCO Ilford HP5 preset

Anders W wrote:

Nice shots Bob. I especially like the first and last.

As to banding with the 20/1.7 on the E-M5: Did you see this?


Yes, and let me start by saying I really do appreciate what you people ([g] the more technically adept with electronics) bring to the table.   But when it got to oscilloscopes and PCBs, I gloss over (Bear Of Little Brain syndrome).

I thought I got from all that what I suspected anyway - the build of the 20/1.7 causes the problem, and for whatever the reason it can be compensated for by having the lens AF a half a minute or so.   And it became clear last night (using a MF lens) that there is banding in the EM-5, but this is the only lens that commonly encourages the camera to exhibit it.

My problem is the habit to leave the camera off when not composing for an exposure.   I just don't care to have the EVF keep the camera on when at my side or in the bag.   But for the snow walk, and because the 20mm was oh-so appropriate (less lens mass to collect snow, small front element that's not as quick to get 'snowflaked' as a larger element), AND the fact I wasn't going to be out for hours and hours, I did leave the camera on.   And for that the 20 performed well.   I did have banding when I thought I was done and pulled it out to turn it on for a quick shot on the walk back.

Anyway - I read through more of your topic before responding, if there was anything else of significance then I missed it (I laid that all out to see if the summary in my mind was accurate).

I'd rather have a fast lens w/a 35mm FOV, though, and with the advent of one due soon I'm looking forward to not having to compensate for this issue.   But thanks to you people, I was able to get satisfaction from the endeavor on that night.  

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