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Out of memory errors

Getting out of memory errors with my 21MP 5d MK II files in 16 bit mode. No problems in 8 bit mode. I have 16gb memory on one machine and 24 on the other. 1TB free disk space on one and 500gb on the other. I have photoshop setup to take 8gb of memory but I've also tried it with 4gb of memory.

The problem is occurring on any face that is large in the frame (for example, a head and shoulders portrait).

It does not happen with 3/4 or full length portraits.

Anyway, anthropics claims they can't repro the problem (they said the same thing about the compression jaggies until I got several other folks from here to submit reports)

For now, I cannot edit in PP V11 until I convert to 8 bit image mode.

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