NEX 5N Photo processing

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Re: NEX 5N Photo processing

trillium11 wrote:

Hi thanks for that. Yes I get that the camera will instantly take and process a picture in JPEG mode and you will get the resultant picture within seconds. However I have recently been trying to take long exposure shots again in JPEG (star trails and the like) and notice that the camera processing is taking as long as taking the photo was. e.i. If I expose for an hour, the camera will take an hour to process the image which is very frustrating and ties the camera up for ages!

Ah ok, sorry if I misunderstood your earlier post.

If you're taking long exposure pictures without NR then aim to keep your ISO as low as possible (apologies if this is really obvious to you). In most circumstances you can get away with base ISO and varying the shutter speed to get the exposure right.

Best bet is just to play around and see what you get!

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