Dslr or Bridge?

Started Nov 6, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Dslr or Bridge?

hesbehindyou wrote:

In good light they'll be broadly similar, as long as you're not cropping heavily or pixel-peeping. In less good light the DSLR will be superior.

Agreed.  Camera Labs, in their review of the the Panasonic FZ35, compared the Canon 450D against the FZ35 and Canon's SX20 IS.  Their finding was, "The biggest differences between the DSLR and super-zooms here is the optical correction of their respective lenses, with the DSLR kit lens suffering in some areas – seen most obviously in the third crop.  So if you’re shooting at the lowest sensitivities under bright conditions, the super-zooms could deliver a superior overall result (accepting a little background noise when viewed at 100%).  The major difference in quality comes at higher sensitivities where the DLSR with its bigger sensor takes a  decisive lead."

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