DR - 5 EV or 12 EV

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Re: DR - 5 EV or 12 EV

merwind wrote:

I own a D90 and based on what I have read in many posts and published articles this camera typically has a DR of 5. I chanced on checking the same on DxOMark site which shows the DR as 12 and for D600 a staggering 14. Do you really get DR of 12 EV at base ISO in a landscape picture with D90?

Remember that at DxOMark, "All sensor scores reflect only the RAW sensor performance of a camera body. All measurements are performed on the RAW image file BEFORE demosaicing or other processing prior to final image delivery."

DPReview's rating of 8.3 EV dynamic range at ISO 200 (3.9 EV in the highlight range) is probably a more practical number to go by.

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