Canon G15 Beats Sony RX100 in Picture Quality

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Re: Canon G15 Beats Sony RX100 in Picture Quality

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And you Canon fanboys will be crying the blues, say around December? we can compare a Canon to a Sony like you gents have been comparing the G1X to the small sensor in the

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Mr Ichiro Kitao, I support the call to upgrade the FZ50.
I will not only buy one but two no questions asked...


RX1 is a niche camera that will lose to G1X in all categories: price, compactness, usability, IQ.

Non collapsable fixed lens without IS that requires F5.6+ at 35mm to get nice picture without background blurr.

No thanks.

I think RX 1 can win on the performance.

Because G1X performance are Not good enough. I hope Canon try to fix this problems

At what cost? Would you pay for that minor extra performance overall in only some key areas?

G1X needs better AF and macro performance, otherwise a very solid camera especially for the price. Maybe the G2X will address both maybe not, either way, a heck of a good deal.

Yes, many things need to be fixed on G1x.
I hope Canon concentrate on G15 now and improve the products (based on user review) before the products get dpreview review.

and I hope they can get good review

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