Decisions Decisions: Which DSLR?

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Re: Decisions Decisions: Which DSLR?

bitphantom wrote:

............. Is the image quality that much better with the newer sensor than the D90? .........

Yes, the 16mp sensor is better - at this point there's no reason to go "back" to a D90. The D90 is capable but at the current price points it's not a great value.

bitphantom wrote:

.......... Or should I shell out a couple more hundred bucks for the D7000 for the motor and sturdier construction...............

That's pretty much a question you'll need to answer. Do you need the additional functions? (flash, screw drive, etc) The D5100 is an exceptional value at the moment but if you really need some of the extra features then it's well worth stepping up to the D7K..............only you can answer the $$$ vs feature question - it differs for everyone.

You mention the 50 D which IIRC would require the screw drive..........but again other than it being a budget requirement it's a trade off. The G is about 2x the price but all accounts it's as good or better...........and to add to the confusion a D5100 + a G is still less than a D7k + a D

(the G is still very budget friendly @ $200 ish)

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