Goodbye D7000, hello EM5

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Tomx72 wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

To be clear: it took a week to ditch my Canon DSLR for the G1. Only with two lenses as i was an early adopter but I didn't use that Canon for a long time either, so not much glass there. Indeed: I have a lot of lenses now but most of them fit in a small bag and have good and some excellent IQ. 100-300 is good, Samyang 7.5 fisheye is very good, 20 mm 1.7 is very good, 14-45 for a kit also and the 45 mm 1.8 which will arrive today with my new EPL5. Try to do that with even a very small DSLR.

My sis had the D7000 (now 800E) and she could not spot the difference between Gh2 and D7000 IQ on a screen. It was pretty close. So the OMD (and EPL5) will even better/closer.

Still: for birding, indoor sports etc none of these m43 cams are a match for the D7000. So ti depends what you shoot.

Sensor noise and dynamic range of the OMD and the D7k is really close - at least according to the tests. Once you reach focus, the result should be identical. However, dslr-s should be superior in low-light AF and there are more fast telephotos available for them while on m43 we are limited to adapted/manual solutions. My style (shooting slow targets) lets me give up the D7k +4/300+TC setup in favor of the e-pl5 (+small APO scope).

OM-D has the advantage of contrast AF since you don´t have any issues with back/front focus. So for stationary targets I prefer contrast-AF.

For moving targets PD-af is of course better so I would not dream about moving to mirrorless if I was to photograph birds, sports etc. Just get a Canon 7D with 400 5.6 for birds and don´t consider contrast af in that case. I photography stationary targets so the OM-D is an upgrade for me from D7000.

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