the saddest day - when new york swallows your new 24-70 (dont trust posties!!!!)

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My sympathies

One does have to wonder about these things when you do buy insurance.

I recently returned an A99 to Hong Kong (another story well documented in the forum!) and sent via DHL. They wanted about £40 for express delivery and the insurance was.... over £90!!! A total of almost £140.

Now, if we take the value of an A99 as £2300, as there can be no extraneous claims for incurred costs, more than one parcel in every 25 would have to disappear for them not to make money!

Either it is gouging the customer, acknowledgement that delivery services are full of thieves, or a combination of both. With your experience and mine being all too typical, I think it is the latter. A very sad reflection on our fellow man.

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