Nikon UK Repair: Some Advice To Share

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Update about my 10 pin terminal socket repair.

Well, I have not received this back yet but it is being repaired today as I phoned up to get a status. I asked on the phone about the issue and she said she's not seen it before (perhaps they all say that even if an issue does exist to protect the company- who knows?).

I asked about the repair to my camera and how I was concerned that it would just break again if it was just repaired the same way, I was told there was no modification in force just return it to factory state. Let's hope mine was never correct from the first instance, because if it was - it's pretty obviously going to have a lifespan in weeks / months. I also asked them to clean the sensor (about 5,000) and I can see oil. Now I know people think fine not a big deal - fair enough but in my view I shouldn't have oil splashing onto a sensor that I need to clean so early into it's life (I don't like cleaning sensors - always sent them away). They are trying to charge £30 for that too saying there is a little bit of dust there. I explained there was more bloody oil and the oil shows up much more when I do long exposures.

The other thing which really annoyed me is they had it put down both repairs as non warranty work! They changed that after I had a strong word with them on the phone.

Customer support is so important to me with whatever I buy...seeing photos of them scratching and breaking stuff / failing to repair is concerning.

Rant over.

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