D7000 vs D5200

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Re: D7000 vs D5200

sshoihet wrote:

Emotion SideUp wrote:

baloo_buc wrote:

That I didn't said. I said if you look closer higher megapixel camera will have blur on more pixels than lower megapixel camera so the appearance will be more obvious on the higher megapixel camera.

Why you don't have a 1.500 MP camera then with a sensor size of small compact camera (or better with the one in cell phones)?

I have absolutely no idea what you are saying. The smaller the pixel count the more pixelated the image will be. Blur or no blur. 1 pixel cannot be blurred it just represent the color (pixel depth, i.e. 2bit b+w, 24bit 16.xmillion colors). The more pixel, the smoother and sharper transition, If it's blurred it's blurred. Cursing at myself that I'm wasting my time trying to explain this!

I believe what he's saying is that a higher MP image is larger when viewed at 100%.

Everything else being equal, other than pixel count, if you view an image at a larger size, it will appear more blurry and have less apparent DOF. DOF is influenced by print size and viewing distance. If you were to print an image, a 24" x 36" print would appear to have shallower DOF than the same image printed at 8"x12" when viewed from the same distance.

I agree with you mister!

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