Looking for a pocketable companion beside the D7k

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Re: Looking for a pocketable companion beside the D7k

vkyr2 wrote:

In the past (8 months before) I had one of those Powershot S90which I was somehow pleased with, as a small fit into the pocket carry everywhere cam. Well until the day the girlfriend has annexed the cam arghhh. Her argument was, it makes nice good looking pictures for such a small thing and hey you have a big Nikon dSLR which makes even better pictures, so you don't really need that little cam. - Aha Ok, so had to say good bye to the S90.

Today I've been in a photo shop looking around for a maybe possible pocketable replacement, but there isn't much selection in this better image quality and RAW capable, real small and pockatable segment. The only things I saw were one end-of-sales exhibit Canon S100, it's new follow-up the S110 and a Sony RX100.

That Sony RX100 looked quite interesting and I liked it's build quality, handling, responsiveness etc., the only thing that struck me about this one is it's damned high price of €599.- I know it has a bigger 1" sensor and the like, but hey for that money you can actually also buy a D5100 with good 18-105 VR kit lens, though Ok that D5100 wouldn't fit in my jeans pocket and well I already have a D7000.

Whats your take here...?

try Nikno 1 system! so maybe later you can use some of your DX lenses on that camera

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