D600/D800 Firmware Update Coming

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Re: D600/D800 Firmware Update Coming

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

D600 update will allow you to change aperture in live view during video mode.

This is unlikely. Nikon has two different aperture mechanisms in its cameras. In the top end cameras there is a separate motor driving the lens' aperture lever. In the lower end ones the drive comes from the motor driving the mirror, with the aperture control simply adjusting where it stops. If the D600 mech is in the same class as the D7000, it will have the mirror motor version, which would preclude aperture change when the mirror is locked up. It's possible the Nikon has put the additional motor n the D600 mech, but if they haven't a firmware upgrade to give aperture control during video is wishful thinking. Of course, you can always use non-G lenses.

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