images: A900 vs A99 RAW high ISO comparison

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Re: images: A900 vs A99 RAW high ISO comparison

OK, I am NOT a troll - in fact, I own both an A900 and a brand-spanking new A99.  However (well, actually "therefore") I want to make any comparison of these two fine cameras as fair as possible.

The truth is that there IS that semi-translucent mirror that robs light in the A99, affecting exposure.  I'm assuming that both the A99 and A900 in your comparison were set to the same aperture and shutter speed, as the A99 came out roughly a third stop darker than the A900.

Therefore, I went and "evened the odds", by boosting the exposure in photoshop over on the A99  side of your jpg so that it matches the exposure and colors of the A900.  The results are below.

This ´╗┐still´╗┐ shows a victory for the A99, but yes, noise is now more visible than in the original shot. I'd say that overall the reduction of noise is such that you get a gain of twice the resolution on the A99 when shooting at 6400.

That's good, AND you get all the advantages of the SLT - for me, most notably, focus peaking and the ability to spot-check 100% focus while looking into the viewfinder.

(6400 is the ISO is here, right?  I can't get back to your original post while typing this.  And also, why is all my text centered?!?  Oh, the joy of the new forum....)

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