SIGN PETITION Nikon d600 dust on sensor

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For what it's worth my Leica M9 when new suffered from oil spots and an incredible affinity for dust, not an uncommon experience apparently  but it did settle down over time so as not to be a problem. I was not a happy bunny to start with but Leica forums suggested the problem ssubsides and they were right.

My recent D800 seems to attract a fair bit of dust too but an old D200 has not been cleaned in 6 years, looking with a loupe  it looks clean, annoying as it is these things happen and presumably as a result of the newness of the shutter and sensor.

Cleaning a sensor is not my favourite occupation, particularly wet cleaning but the right products and a sensor loupe help and I understand the annoyance and frustration but the M9 problem eased up after six months and about 5 or 6 cleaning ops, haven't touched in 12 months and no apparent problems but I don't go looking for it either !!!

Thats the route to an obsession, if your not seeing it in your work its ok, we all know if one shoots the sky stopped down there is bound to be a few minor spots but I only address this when it becomes noticeable in day to day photography.

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