SIGN PETITION Nikon d600 dust on sensor

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ianbrown wrote:

My experience is that there is an "OIL" issue.


I bought the D600 and attached a new 24-120 f4 in my office and took some images at f5.6 -f22 and there were NO spots to be seen.

about 500 images later there was about a dozen spots on the left of image, I cleaned the sensor again too som shots and all had gone. Abother 500 or so and the spots are back, I sent the camera back.

ordered another one from Amazon, exactly same experience.

the lens never came off so its not dust, its a personal thing and I can understand why some people don't see it as an issue. For me I can't accept a new camera should be like this and yes it may well settle down after 5000 shots, but I am not prepared to keep cleaning it?

I spoke to Nikon and hey said the camera was performing within tollorance


Yes, this is what a lot of people report. I was about to buy D600, but I am not prepared to clean the sensor every time I use the camera. I really hope Nikon will address this issue.

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