X-E1 & X-Pro1 Dynamic Range

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Re: X-E1 & X-Pro1 Dynamic Range

Fabio Amodeo wrote:

Local contrast in certain areas is not something given by some deity,

For sure, but the dpreview & other test results indicate the camera is capable of more DR than is generally being displayed by users that post images here and other places on the web. I'm not looking for magic just some real world examples that demonstrate the the capability.

it's something you build in post process.

I guess you're right. It is a look that people are choosing either by film simulation modes or by dialling it in on their own PP.

The limits you bang into working with shadows are risk of colour shifts (or colour blindness) and emergence of noise. My experience is that XP-1 shadows are very good from this point of view: if you don't try to turn a coal mine into a sunny afternoon, you can recover a good lot of interesting detail. My workflow is: translate RAW via the Silkypix thing doing the minimum necessary to get a histogram with clear sides (no curves banging either left or rigt), and then do all the rest in some program I know better, like Photoshop or LR.

My workflow is to process my S5 RAW images in ACR. I will change the tone curve and slide every slider on every image until the desired exposure, brightness, contrast and colour pops out. There's not really a standard setting although I have the default set to minimise the effort so most tweaks are minimal. I will additionally adjust curves, levels etc. in PS afterwards too, if desired.

I'm not attempting to be snobby, superior or anything. It's just that given the claims for the X-trans cameras' DR I'm not seeing the widespread results that demonstrate it and wondering why.

I was more impressed by the possibilities as they were shown in this link: http://www.dmcgaughey.com/2012/11/07/fuji-x-trans-raw-conversion/ (discussed in another current thread, http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50211046)

I do recall in the early days of the S3 when its high DR was being championed there were lots of images on here that had lots of 'grey' tones as people demonstrated the ability to pull detail. That was certainly an undesirable look and it took a while until people gained experience. Then more experienced users posted the images we all came to know and love as having the 'Fujifilm film like' look.

So perhaps I need to be patient until people get more comfortable with everything.

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