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Re: Sell D3 for D600

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I'm looking into doing this and wanted to get some opinions from D3 owners that have used the D600. It would be a wash as far as money is concerned. I don't need 9fps. I would like to have video as well as having a smaller body. Here is what I am specifically interested in finding out with regards to the D600.

  • AF - How does it compare to the D3's focus system? Is it way off or fairly close?
  • Focus points - Was having them more clustered in the center an issue?
  • Image quality - Reviews say it's better, but how much better is it?
  • Metering - How does it compare?
  • Max 1/4000 shutter - I'm moving to all primes 1.4 or 1.8. How much of an issue will this be in the day?

I know the D3 is built like a tank and a professional camera. I'm willing to give some of that up for a smaller body with video capabilities if the above points are fairly close to a D3's performance.

Thanks for helping with some input.

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