Looking at the X10, useless if I only shoot RAW?

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Re: Looking at the X10, useless if I only shoot RAW?

Fuji's EXR sensor does not use the normal Bayer pattern so regular converters don't deal with RAW files coming from such sensors that well. This is an underlying algorithm thing and there is not much you can do about it except complain to Fuji, and ask them to open up the technology so that 3rd party converters will better take advantage of RAW files from EXR sensors. If Fuji says there is Sillypix, uh, I mean Silkypix, just tell them it doesn't cut it.

The best way is to shoot RAW + JPEG, and mainly use the JPEG, but keep the RAW as backup. For selected images that you like, process them in camera with whatever parameters you prefer, so you don't have to be stuck with the initial decisions you made when the pic was shot. As a last resort, keep the RAW files somewhere and wait for a better converter to come out by anyone.

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