High Quality Photobooks - where?

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Re: High Quality Photobooks - where?

"Are there any photobook services that have better image quality that is closer to photoprints?"

Having that same question in mind some six years ago, I came to the conclusion that it's probably best to do it yourself. I have not regretted my decision.

I prepare a book only of those images that are really good or are from events, such as christenings or funerals, I do not do wedding books because the couple may have divorced before, the book is finished, wink. It is time-consuming, compared if you buy the book from those companies but the quality is rewarding. The largest series I've done is ten books, "limited availability a higher value", grin.

Two-sided matte paper is available in a number of product names, book covers may be purchased in several different sizes, aspect ratio and materials from linen to leather. For binding I use Leitz Impressbind device.

But the answer to your question I do not have.

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