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David, good point on whatever gets you the angle :)

em_dee_aitch wrote:

p.s. if you are shooting up front .. in front of the stage etc. My choice would not be, to sit on a chair that others might have paid hundreds (maybe thousands) to be there (particularly up front). Normally the floor works for me.

H Geek's advice is fine, but to be devil's advocate on this point: they are paying you hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars to be there each day, so own it! Don't feel a tinge of guilt about taking that $500 seat if it gives your client better photos for the $1000 they paid you to be there that day. Boom! ... All depends on the setup though. In some environs the higher view of being seated in a chair vs the floor might improve your shot; in some the floor might be better. Podium shots being generally boring, the best podium shot at an academic or biz event is generally a diagonal shot across the podium to pick up side background and not a dead on shot, which has critical bonus of getting the mic out of the speaker's face. Paying attention to the correct camera height (from the floor) can make or break such compositions.

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David, good points  ...  whatever gets you the angle

lol, and yes  for what you get paid on a all day convention  ... you shoot it where you can get the best shot.   True that,  lol    and the diagonal on the podium.  Sometimes you just have to walk in front and take that shot to get a good angle.  First priority is to get that "money shot".

just take it, and not make it about you, the pro photog 


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