Pictures, actual pictures!

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Re: Pictures, actual pictures!

Hello AlbieSky!

I really enjoy all the compliments but I am happy to get some input on how I can improve my photos. Here are the photos with some of your advice applied. Also, just to give some sort of explanation, I personally like the 4th photo with the umbrella in because it reminds me of reading on the beach and randomly seeing one of the few inbound flights per day. So I can see why artistically it isn't perfect, but now you know why I choose that one. In any case, I added a photo in place of 4 with a different view and since you liked my HK photo I just added a different HK photo in slot 5.

Thanks again!


This is still my wish!

I trimmed a little off the top and some of the excess black on the right

No more rail! I didn't trim off the left though, I couldn't find a good cut-off point that looked as natural

She's coming in hot!

HK mass transportation

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