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Re: it's a little more complicated than that

marike6 wrote:

moimoi wrote:

The only reason to favor jpg against raw is laziness. I never shoot jpg.

Exactly. I'm amazed that people buy high-end DSLRs with top glass, and shoot 8-bit JPEG. meaningless snapshots.

Meaningless snap shots?????? You Ass !

Here is a meaningless snap shot taken 64 years  ago of my deceased mother and father and brother with me....

Meaningless my Ass

Here is another meaningless snap shot taken 68 years ago of me and my mother... Lack of archivial integrity???  You know nothing about archivial images or what capturing a memory is all about


Here is just another meaningless snap shot of my parents taken 70 years ago.

Caturing a memory is all about the memory not whether or not it is 8 bit or 12 bit.

Its the snap shot.. not the quality.

I take all my meaning less memories with high end gear today and I shoot JPEG ONLY.

in 60 or 70 years from now I will be very pleased with this snap shot of my # 2 Grandson, and so will he

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