Educate me: Sony new Alpha such as 77 vs Panasonic GH series

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Re: Educate me: Sony new Alpha such as 77 vs Panasonic GH series

Dustinash wrote:

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I am up for a new camera, not so to replace my GH1, but to provide a higher grade companion to it. Yes, there is the GH3. But what's the backstory on Sony Alpha's. I haven't been interested in them in the past, but was looking them up today and the Alpha77 looks damn interesting. The A99 is even better, but out of my budget.

However, maybe I am Panasonic biased since been using the GH1 for a few years already, but is there a downside to Sony's latest Alpha cameras? I know the older ones had heat issues, but are there any other faults?


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For video the gh2 is a MUCH more powerful camera. The quality is better, the ability to select your settings manually is there. You can use lens with stabilization. The a77 crops terribley in video and it basically locks in the video at f3.5 with shutter speed jumping all over.

Still wise in the good light the a77 is better, much better. In poor light it is a toss up with the panasonic definietely winning for video but tying in stills.

The a99 is epic.

thanks for a very to-the-point write up.  I can see why people are moving up to the A99.

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