So GH3 video looks like DSLR trash!

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Re: Please do the math

Andy Crowe wrote:

Not sure what your point is because you can clearly see they've illustrated the 16:9 crop, but I'll assume you've just picked up on "whilst the Sony and Canon cameras crop 16:9 from a 3:2 sensor, ....... when the GH2 doesn’t." and not realised they're talking about the crop factor and not sensor aspects:

"But because of the multi-aspect sensor it is more like a 1.86x crop whilst the Sony and Canon cameras crop 16:9 from a 3:2 sensor, increasing their crop factors when the GH2 doesn’t."

Anyway it's quite easy to prove that the GH1/2 crop to get 16:9, look at the pixel sizes you get for still images:

4:3 - 4000 x 3000
3:2 - 4128 x 2752
16:9 - 4352 x 2448

You can therefore see that the MAR sensor is 4352 x 3000, which obviously isn't 16:9 because when you shoot in 16:9 you only get 2448px height out of a total 3000px.

You really cannot argue that 4352 x 2448 is not a crop of 4352 x 3000.

Give it up, I've said the same thing and the last response was, that I'm a funny guy...

Multi-aspect is for adventsam the greatest thing since sliced bread and facts stopped to matter a long time ago...

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