Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

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Re: Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

*sarcasm on*

I miss sharing violations.  Win7 is constantly telling me I can't move or rename something because it thinks some other application is using it.  On OS X this never happens.  Even if another application is editing that file it will immediately learn that the file has moved or been renamed.  It just does what I want--very boring.

I miss path lengths limited to 256 characters.  Nothing like having to change a bunch of folder names to something shorter just because Explorer can't deal with long path names.  I love it.

I miss unnatural and jerky scrolling with a trackpad.  Every Win7 app scrolls differently.  Vive la difference!  I really miss that.

I miss the unreliable search tool.  Sometimes it'll find what I'm looking for and sometimes, inexplicably, it has no frickin' clue.  Life is better with surprises like this.

I miss having to install Cygwin to compile open source software, and even then, I still have to search internet forums for clues on how to get the stupid install script to work.  On a Mac I usually just type the install script at the prompt and it works because it's Unix.  It's so boring.

I miss needing several button and tab clicks just to enter meta data for a file.  On the mac you just hit cmd-i and start typing.  Apple just makes it too easy to organize files!

*sarcasm off*

And actually I've been running Win8 for the last week and a half and most of these complaints still apply (I haven't stressed the search tool much yet.)  Of course these little problems aren't such a big deal by themselves--a minute here--a few minutes there.  But taken together they nickel and dime my productivity downward.

What I recommend you do is make an exhaustive list of the apps you use on Windows and then figure out which alternatives there are out there.  Personal finance; photo editing; time management; to do lists; outliners; note taking; games; drivers for you favorite gadget; etc...

If you might use your Mac at work, make sure your IT department won't frown at you.


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