D600/D800 Firmware Update Coming

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Solid AF lock in studio light, AF-ON to CAF , LV 100% zoom to manual focus

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

D600 update will allow you to change aperture in live view during video mode.

D800 update will fix the focus priority AF-ON live view bug which can maker the screen go dark.

Not sure what other changes are coming, but these changes are very positive.


I am Hoping Niikon will "surprise" us by doing a "FW Canon".  and put down a D800 FW update that does not "just" Fix  but  IMPROVE !

1) Solid AF lock in studio light, the D800 does not have that ZIP-BEEP quick solid feel ,  it seems to be unsure (vs the D700).  and sometimes it has a slight miss focus (really slight, just enough to be irritating and Hard to check in the LCD)

2)  AF-ON to CAF ,  I would love to be in SAF in Focus Priority (half-press) ... and THEN with a simple press of the AF-ON button have my setting "switch" to a SAF (focus Priority) , with  CAF only on AF-ON and shutter to "just trigger".   Basically a "On-Demand"  famous Nikon AF-ON CAF setting.       ... yes, some will want Focus priority and some will want Release priority , it can just follow your CAF settings.

All Nikon would have to do is Allow you to PROGRAM  the AF-ON button to kick in your CAF settings, and make your shutter , shutter ONLY.

3) LV 100% zoom to manual focus,  really helpful if Nikon puts a fix to this in Live View zoom Manual focus.

* would love Nikon to ADD in some  SAVE ALL current settings into at least two USER Mode Settings , where ALL of the camera settings are saved, and can be brought back quickly. The original save.


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