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I myself use the Nikon D700 and the standard outfit of 24-70mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII (both from Nikon).  Such a minimal kit offers a lot of performance, even though the D700 is a bit dated - but actually performing as good as it ever has.  If you get the battery grip for the D700 you also increase the frames per second.  On top of that some of my best performing lenses are the 16mm Nikon fisheye (incredibly sharp and very little color fringing), and the 85mm f/1.8 (new edition) - also very sharp and you get a lot of a lens for the price.

You mention that you do some bracketed shots which causes your current Sigma camera to get stuck with processing them.  I learned to bracket very rarely as I initially meter carefully for correct exposure of my direct subject matter and keep that exposure dialed in with my camera in manual.  This gives good results on subjects in fairly constant lighting - which you appear to photograph based on your post.  I concentrate on exposing skin tone correctly and then all else falls into place if you're careful about controlling contrast of your entire composition.  I'm not sure though if that's the challenge you're currently facing so please accept my advance apologies for assuming so - all in all I hope you find some of my comments helpful.

If you think you need to add Nikon to your equipment quiver, the D400 should be announced very soon - and many are waiting for it.  I think it might just be an incredible camera.  Why do I mention this?  Well, the D300 and D700 are nearly identical, except one is APS-C and the other is full frame.  I actually prefer the D300 a bit over the D700 for the sole reason that the D300's cropped viewfinder allows the focus points to cover a greater area which is helpful for what I need the AF to do.  Having said that, the D700 is still very good in that regard, but I would find good use for a D300 replacement camera.  On the D700 of course the wide-angle lenses remain "wide" as it's not affected by the focal length multiplier.  Nikon should produce some new wide and ultra-wide primes optimized for the APS-C sensor cameras.  It has a good lineup for full-frame though.

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