X-S1 giving my DSLR a run for the money

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Re: X-S1 giving my DSLR a run for the money

When we get into these discussions about XS-1 (or any other bridge camera) compared to DSLR's. I always think that it would indeed be a great leap for a smaller sensored, fixed lens camera to equal or surpass a larger sensor camera like a T4i or D5100, much less a pro DX camera.

On the other hand, there's always a guy out there who shows up with fabulous pics from a camera that shouldn't be able to produce those results.  No, I don't really believe that a S100 is capable of always equalling a 5D, but it does happen, and I think this is why:

Some of us live with these things long enough to really understand how they work and where they produce their best results and you can see the results all around this forum.  On the other hand, lots of guys buy and sell these things so fast for the Next Big Thing, that unless they are really technically fast on their feet, they never find out what this camera or that camera can really do.  Not that that's a bad thing:  They provide a steady market of 'barely used, like new' cameras on CraigsList for less money than new !

In my case, I take much better pictures with my X10 now than I did when I bought it in March.  I expect my XS-1 to follow that same learning curve.  They're both keepers for me.  I'd like a DSLR, but frankly, I stay confused as to whether I need an DX, an FX, a 4/3, a micro 4/3, and on and on.

And I'm sure these Fujis can take better pictures than I've yet discovered in them.

An XS-1 was really the only choice for me, as I wanted something substantial, a larger than normal sensor for a P+S, and way more focal length than the X10.  That the software prompts and the menus are very similar was an added attraction, it really is an X10 on steroids.  And it just suits me.

I tend to stay away from these discussions, as there's always going to be something better, faster, stronger, sharper  . . . . on the spec page.  But people take pictures, not cameras.  That these two fit me is the most important thing.

I suppose I see these comparisons and just think, 'well, the (. . . bigger, more expensive camera . . . ) was supposed to be better, what am I missing here . . . . '

It's about images, not which camera 'stomped' the other.  Otherwise, it's all pixel peeping in the Old West:  There's always going to be somebody faster, cowboy . . . .

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