Pentax 560mm lens now listed on Adorama...any takers!

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Re: Overpriced product - just buy Sigma 500/4.5

Some very well explained experience and knowledge, I bit of a breath of fresh air round here

Seems those who actually use long glass 'get it' but those who don't want to portrait some kind of inverse ability ??

On the subject of length Vs IQ I'm not sure its Sigma being worse than the equivalent shorter FA* from the same era.

In my shooting environment 1/400 is about the max I can squeeze out of the K5 this means I can easily knock out critically sharp image free hand from my da*300 (ala snap mode shooting), But put a 400 or 500 on and I'm in trouble.

As soon as I go above 300 I need considerably more thought and effort to achieve a critically sharp image, The lens are all capable of it but mono-pods and great technique/panning become a requirement.

Add to this every 100mm I had I lose between 1/2 and a stop of light (to maintain DoF) and as you say it a double to even triple wammy.

Theres no free lunch and faster longer glass wouldn't help a 400@f2.8 would be no use as teh DoF would simply be to narrow so I would still be out at f5.6 but with considerably more weight to manipulate.

No if the 560mm@5.6 is good then its almost a perfect marriage of speed Vs weight.

On the other side going shorter/faster doesn't help as you start to be constrained by the resolution limits air haze takes its toll and you end up with a fuzzy blob.

It very much about the right tool for the job and fro some the 560mm will be just that tool

i.e the 50-135 shooting a head @50metres is a waste of time

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