Is it me or my D600 not quite right

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Re: Is it me or my D600 not quite right

Digital Click wrote:

Hi All

I have a D3s and had a D700 - really happy with both.. but at time sfelt I needed more MP mainly because of cropping and why not. Anyway, I goit the kits lens 24-85 and used the 70-200 F.28 VRII and 14-24. Every photo I took was soft or just did not seem sharp.. However when I put it through View NX ( I always shoot RAW) and adjust the sharpness to between 5 and 7, the difference sharpness in is like night and day!

Also is it worth upgrading to the NX2 from View NX

Both of Nikon's image software programs have the 'NX2' designation.

Capture NX2 A pay for image editing software program with advanced editing capabilities, and raw conversion capabilities.

View NX2 A free program included with Nikon cameras that provides raw conversion, and some basic image editing capabilities.

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