Looking for a pocketable companion beside the D7k

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Re: Looking for a pocketable companion beside the D7k

I've been debating this for a while ... whether to pick up an ILC (well, I already have a NEX-5, but expand on it and upgrade to a camera with a VF) or go with a real compact.  After 2 years with the NEX and having tried out the EM5, XE1 (at a show), V1 and newer NEX models, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with the RX100.

The V1 is tempting for the EVF and the bargain hunter in me.  But the RX100 offers greater range in a faster lens with a sensor that - despite being 20MP - seems a bit better both in resolution at base ISO and noise levels at high ISO.  No VF or tilting LCD and it pretty much requires you spend money on an add-on grip because otherwise it's too fiddly.  But there's no excuse not to take that camera virtually everywhere.  Price-wise, I think it's quite fair given the sensor & lens and the price of premium compacts with smaller sensors.  (The XZ1 tempted me with it's recent $250 price, but I know I'd regret not getting the bigger sensor model).  The only other model I find intriguing is the Fuji XF1.  Sensor is 2/3" which puts it roughly 1 stop behind the RX100, and the lens speed/range is the same so it's not quite as capable in low light.  I saw big prints from it (base ISO in sunlight) that looked great.  It's $150 less and on the whole, I like the looks & control layout a tad better.  But I'm still pretty sure I'd go with the RX100 with a Carryspeed filter adapter, and Richard Franiec grip.

- Dennis

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