Sorry olympus but you lost a loyal customer.

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Re: Sorry olympus but you lost a loyal customer.

CharlesB58 wrote:

Yet another thread full of people who really don't seem to understand the economics of "simply" putting a sensor into a body and selling to less than 1% of the dslr camera owner base. No company will lay out expenditures to produce product at a loss simply to satisfy a dwindling group of customers, especially when another product line is not only more profitable, but growing rapidly.

That's not "betrayal". That's called keeping a business afloat.

It's the money, people. All the "I feel betrayed by Olympus" grumbling on earth isn't going to offset profit margins, sales figures and marketing demographics.

I know, I know...Olympus isn't supposed to make a profit, they are supposed to file for non-profit status so they can supply cameras at a loss to people who seem to need therapy regarding gear fixation.

Stacey, good for you for moving on to a system you feel will better meet your needs. I know it's a tough decision.

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Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.

Oly has to make money, the 4/3 user base is not going to make much of a dent in their bottom line by staying or leaving. Why should anybody expect Olympus to devote R&D capital to a product line that won't bring in enough to offset the cost? In business, you either make a profit or cease to exist. I'm glad that Oly has found a market sector to exploit, but they will have to be quick on their toes to keep it. For me, I'll keep my 4/3 gear and start buying into another brand as necessary. When my old e-3 is too long in the tooth, I might get the best m4/3 body for the day, maybe an OMD or a Panasonic GHx, to get some extra mileage from my 4/3 lenses.

I don't feel abandoned or cheated or betrayed, I have choices and the freedom to make those choices. I know that there are a lot of people who are sure that the e-7 is just around the corner, if that's the case, great. If not, all we can do is shrug our shoulders and move on.

Stacey's decision is hers to make and I think she has done what is right for her, she's not the first and she won't be the last to go. A camera is just a tool, nothing more or less. If one company can't supply what you need, choose from another source.

I don't see what all the fuss is about.

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