Pro RGB...really?

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Re: Pro RGB...really?

First, it is ProPhotoRGB not Pro RGB. It is a color space developed by Kodak specifically with the wide gamuts available from input devices like digital sensors in mind. It isn’t an output space for any current device; it is a working space for development and editing. Using it preserves most of the gamut from your camera.

At some point, if you create a file destined for display on a monitor, projector, or printed media, then the image needs to have its gamut compressed into a smaller space, and some would argue for doing this immediately on conversion. But in compressing at that early stage, you are literally throwing away data, just as if you were to shoot sRGB jpg, or even more so, if you were to have the camera convert to black and white immediately after shooting.

Look at Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Its native working space is ProPhotoRGB. Modifications in Lightroom are performed using ProPhotoRGB, but using a linear gamma (so called MelissaRGB). Image previews are rendered using AdobeRGB, and printing is mostly done using a much smaller ICC profile specific to your paper and printer. Color management is not a simple issue.

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