Help, what would you do?

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Re: Help, what would you do?

Fran H wrote:

Babine wrote:

Fran H wrote:

And how would you do it ? The leg shadow on the table has me stumped. What would you do?

Any tricks on hand painting ? As always Thank you for sharing your awesome talents.

Fran H.

Hi Fran.

I brought this one into ACR and played with the sliders to get a better skin colour, contrast, and then into CS6 where I used channel blending (Apply Image) in various blend modes (and inverted..) to get texture, lighting and so on. For her hair on her right side, I simply copied and pasted from the left and used a hair brush to blend. Finally, I extracted her to a new layer, added some inner shadow and placed in a BG. For her reflection, I flipped a copy vertically and blended with a black-to-what gradient.

Diapers and politicians should be changed often. Both for the same reason.

Gary, you did a fantastic job. The skin tone, shadows and extraction are awesome. I'm going to try, but my talent is no were near yours.

Thank you,

Fran Hall

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