Voigtlander 90/3.5 or Nikkor 85/1.8G?

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Re: Voigtlander 90/3.5 or Nikkor 85/1.8G?

Not even a close race for me - the 85/1.8G by a LANDSLIDE. As sharp or sharper at any common aperture, excellent neutral color and rendering, dead bang reliable AF at any aperture even with the D800E, and AF makes is vastly more useful. I don't get - at all - this "85/1.8G is sterile" BS - now, the older 85/1.8 AFD was quite sterile in it's rendering, but the G is vastly improved. It's not quite as "romantic" in its rendering as the more expensive 1.4G, but it's far from sterile - if anything, it's one of the more neutral, less colored lenses in the Nikon lineup. It DOES have a slightly different color rendering to it - compared to most of the G glass, but sterile this lens clearly is not (and given I've shot 40+ Nikkors over 30+ years, I think I have a handle on what Nikon glass renders like by now). I've used mine from studio portraiture to fashion to landscape and it's one of the rare lenses that can handle anything thrown at it, and is one of the few reasonably affordable lenses that can fully utilize the resolution of the D800E sensor. You'll have to spend megabux to get a lens much sharper. The only "knock" is I wish it had nano-coating, but given the price, and the tremendous performance for that price, I can't even begin to complain. Perhaps if bokeh at the first few apertures is of paramount importance to someone, I could see going a different direction, but that's about it.


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